Reverse Engineering

Our outstanding Design and Engineering team at Duo-Tec Tool & Machine offers reverse engineering for our customers who have worn out or outdated components, fixtures or complete assemblies that are no longer functioning. We use the reverse engineering process to redesign, rebuild and replace individual parts within a fixture or an assembly; sometimes the whole assembly needs to be replaced.

By dismantling the fixture or assembly our Design and Engineering team is able to analyze the device to gain knowledge and determine how it was originally designed so it can be recreated or revised. Reverse engineering is also useful when it’s necessary to alter or modify a failing component.

Saving Our Customers Money

Over the past fifty years we have machined and manufactured numerous parts and products, many times we have had customers reach out to us to replace a worn out or outdated components from projects we had originally built for them years ago. As technology evolves we are able to save our customers money by using reverse engineering to create new components that work with their older equipment.  

Providing Manufacturing Solutions with Reverse Engineering

At Duo-Tec Tool & Machine we have many years of experience working with a wide variety of industries including; the Medical DeviceAerospace, Defense and Commercial industries. Our creative Design and Engineering team uses reverse engineering to provide our customers with manufacturing solutions to redesign, rebuild or replace their existing mechanically machined components and equipment. 


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