Design & Engineering

One of our most outstanding teams at Duo-Tec Tool & Machine is our innovative Design and Engineering team. They are onsite and available to offer any assistance to your project. Our Design and Engineering team has years of experience working with various industries, including Medical DeviceAerospace, Defense and Commercial Industries

We are a full service company that offers our customers:

At Duo-Tec Tool & Machine our customers in the Medical Device, Aerospace, Defense and Commercial industries depend on the creative abilities and problem solving strategies of our Design Engineers to bring their concepts to design, build their projects to print or take prototypes to productions. Duo-Tec Tool & Machine’s highly skilled Design and Engineering team uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to develop a SOLIDWORKS® model of your project. Along with our talented machinist, we will work closely with you to ensure the most accurate results are achieved to move your project from design into fabrication. We are truly a “one-stop-shop” with the ability to take your project from its concept to design, fabrication to production, single component to full assemblies with all services efficiently completed onsite in our specialized facility.      

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